Right and Left Feet Reflection Point

On this excellent occasion, I will share the reflection point image on the right and
left soles of the foot along with the descriptions needed to perform reflexology by utilizing
the reflection points that I will explain in this article.

In order for you to do a reflection of yourself or to others, it takes knowledge and understanding
of the area and the right nerve point especially on the sole of the foot which
is the topic of our discussion on this day. That’s because each foot reflection point
has a different function and each reflection point represents different organs.

Basically, the point of reflection of the right foot and the left leg has the same location
of the nerve point. It’s just there are some differences in the nerve point of the
organ on the head is located upside down on the sole of the foot. So for example,
the right brain nerve is on the sole of your left foot vice versa.

And here is a picture of the right and left foot reflection points when combined in a
single image that you can save

Right and Left Feet Reflection Point

Similarly, my friend of all my articles about the image of the point of reflection on the right
foot and left foot that will be your basic capital to learn and master the science of
treatment with reflection massage techniques that I will discuss more in depth in the
next article. Now it’s time to go to the discussion about the function of the foot reflection
a point that I have elaborated at length and can be read by clicking the link.

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