President Putin Gives Warning about War Threats amongst US and North Korea



Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the current tensions between the United States and North Korea could potentially erupt into a large-scale war. As quoted by The Independent and Russia Today on Saturday (2/9/2017), quoting the Kremlin’s official statement, Putin cautioned the administration of US President Donald Trump that sanctions and military threats would not help much.

“Provocation, pressure, offensive rhetoric will not get us anywhere,” the 64-year-old president said. Putin continued, the importance of prioritizing direct dialogue to resolve this tension. The 13-year-old as president also emphasized the mistake of forcing North Korea to halt its nuclear ambitions.According to Putin, efforts to stop the nuclear ambitions of the country led by Kim Jong Un it as futility.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also commented that Washington should initiate dialogue with Pyongyang, not the other way around.

This is Putin’s first official statement after North Korea fired a ballistic missile across the island of Hokkaido, northern Japan, which eventually crashed in the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday (8/29/2017) morning.

Trump in Washington DC on the same day as the North Korean missile launch confirms, all options regarding the US response to the action are still under consideration.

“All options are on the table,” Trump said, insisting such threatening actions would only enhance the world’s isolation of the North’s regime.

A day later Trump expressed his frustration at the behavior of the Kim Jong Un regime “Dialogue, speaking is not a solution or an answer,” chirped Trump, as quoted by Politico on Wednesday (08/30/2017).

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