Definition of Reflection Massage Treatment

We must be familiar with Reflection Massage that we often hear, usually a massage with reflection techniques more synonymous with the recovery of stamina and fitness, eliminating aches or tired and others. But do you know that treatment by using massage techniques on the nerve point of reflection is able to treat various types of illness that is mild to severe illness and if you can do without side effects?

Reflection Massage is a non-medical treatment technique that has been popular and used since thousands of years ago and proven effective and safe to treat various diseases outside or inside. This treatment technique utilizes some special reflection points that you can learn and do on your own or with the help of an experienced therapist in the treatment of reflection.

Treatment with this technique is usually done by doing massage or emphasis on the points of reflection needed to treat a disease. Massage can be done using fingers or thumbs, using specially designed wood, using small pointed stones, plastics and other tools that can be used.

A person who will perform reflexology should understand the various nerve points that exist in the legs, hands, and body of patients to be treated. Each disease to be treated has different reflection points and needs different treatment.

Benefits Of Reflection Massage For Health

Point of nerve reflection, generally located on both the soles of the feet and hands. Where each nerve point represents every organ of the human body which, when performed in a particular area of the body will give a positive reaction to the organ, and if the organ is unhealthy or unstable, then the function of reflection will stabilize the performance of an organ and cure the illness that is suffered.

Treatment systems with reflexology techniques are very safe and do not cause side effects, it’s just that you have to withstand the pain in the nerve point areas in the massage because usually at the point of painful reflection, it indicates there is a problem or unstable organ at the point the reflection.

In addition, treatment in this way usually cannot be directly perceived benefits, it takes some time therapy to be able to feel positive changes in the disease suffered, although it depends also on the sensitivity of each person’s different nerves. There are also people who can immediately feel a significant change after a massage on a particular case, or a mild type of disease and new phase of the symptoms so it is easier to treat. Because reflection treatment requires to do it regularly and continuously, it takes patience and patience in order to get maximum results. If you can consistently treat a disease with this technique, usually the disease treated can be totally cured and InsyaAllah not easy to relapse again.

In my next articles, I will explain all about the various points of reflection on the feet and hands as well as on other body parts. So follow my writing this to get a new knowledge about treatment techniques with reflexology massage that you can learn and do yourself at home.

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