Basic Reflection Massage Lesson That You Must Understand

Reflexology is one of the natural treatment techniques that focuses on the massage of certain areas or nerve points that have a direct relationship to an organ, glands and other body parts, by doing massage at a particular nerve point, is believed to improve the performance of an organ and gland and increase immune system so as to do toxins and improve the body’s metabolism and speed up healing.

Treatment with reflexology system has been used by Chinese people since thousands of years ago, this treatment technique has also been tested by modern medicine experts and proven ability to treat various diseases and is one of the effective therapy to accelerate the healing of disease.

In addition, by doing therapy regularly will improve the immune system so not easily attacked by disease, keep the body stay primed, increase concentration and other positive benefits that you can enjoy.

To perform reflexology on yourself or others, there is a basic reflexology lesson you should know before, when and after following massage therapy.

Preparation for Reflection Massage

The following are the things that should be noted when doing reflexology in the patient

  • Before doing the massage, make sure you are fit and health understand where the point of reflection point you will massage
  • Also, understand the function of the reflection point so you can determine which point you will massage
  • Use the massage oil on the area to be reflected
  • For the first time, do it for 3 consecutive days
  • After that do therapy at least every 3 days
  • Perform massage on every point of reflection for 3 minutes, if the illness is a bit severe can be 5 minutes
  • If the patient is in pain during massage, reduce massage pressure on the area
  • Maximum massage at one point of reflection at once therapy is 3 times after at least 5 minutes
  • Do not perform massage at the point of the wounded reflection
  • For the point of reflection of the glands and internal organs do not massage it too hard
  • For bone nerves such as shoulder blades, waist, back and others are advised rather hard when massaging them
  • For massage point reflection on the soles of the foot can use wood that has been made rather pointy

Massage Process at Reflection Point

  • Keep the patient in a position to sleep or sit while leaning
  • The patient should be relaxed and not too tense
  • Perform massage on the necessary points of reflection only, every disease has a different massage point, it will I explain in my next articles so follow the following…
  • For massage at the point of reflection, you can use the thumb or other fingers. Also can use the help of wooden stick that has been made rather pointy at the end.
  • Massage can be done by constant emphasis at the point of reflection, starting with a gentle massage by adding pressure. If the patient feels too sick, reduce the pressure of the massage.
  • When in the massage sometimes the patient feels the pain is excessive, please reduce the pressure while continuing to do massage
  • You can repeat the massage at the same point after at least 5 minutes
  • For moderate and severe disease, you can perform daily 3-day reflection therapy once for 3 consecutive days after which can be termed every day until the patient recovered
  • Drink plenty of water for patients who have finished therapy

Reaction Behind After Reflection Therapy

A reaction is an unusual reaction after the therapy of reflexology treatment that occurs in the case of certain diseases. This is different from the side effects of treatment because this reaction is part of the indication of successful treatment performed. And here are some backlashes that often occur in patients.

  • Feels itchy at the point of reflection after the massage
  • Prominent blood vessels, that is evidence of blood circulation that flows smoothly
  • In the case of kidney disease, after a reflexology therapy is usually when urine will produce a brownish urine and smelling sharp, it is due to the expenditure of a successful toxin.
  • For Waist Pain after massage therapy for 3 days in a row, usually, patients will feel more pain in the waist. It is an indication of the success of treatment, do continue massage on the points of reflection of the waist in order to recover completely.
  • Rising body temperature after the massage, it is reasonable because the gland reaction after treatment at the point of reflection
  • There are certain parts of the body that feels pain, usually caused by barrier obstacles on blood vessels that are successfully cleaned so that the blood circulation becomes more smooth
  • And other unusual reactions
  • After the patient is finished treated, try to drink plenty of water at least 2 glasses

If there is a reaction as I mentioned above or any other type of reaction, you do not have to worry or panic, because it is a good sign and proof of positive reactions and continue to therapy until healed completely and the duration of therapy required for each disease is different, there are only enough 3 times the therapy has healed but not infrequently also require a dozen times therapy to be healed. It takes patience and sincere and many pray that Allah will heal us.

Thus my best friend of all my articles on the basics of reflexology should be known by the person who will perform the treatment therapy using massage technique on the point of nerve reflection. Understand these things so you can take a stand if things happen outside the habit after doing reflection therapy.

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