5 List of Best and Reliable Online Stores In The World

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Now the age of technological advancement, now shopping is becoming a lifestyle. With the increase in shopping enthusiast, many emerging online stores with discount and excess offer. Below I will describe a little about the trusted online store in the world, check this out;

1. Amazon.com


Currently Amazon.com is the king of e-commerce world. Nothing has beaten Amazon.com yet. Amazon.com revenues in 2010 amounted to $ 34.2 billion. Revenue is 5x Walmart revenue + Target.com + Buy.com. Yup! Walmart revenue combined revenue Target and Buy.com then multiply 5 then that Amazon.com income!

2. Ebay.com



Although eBay is established in the United States, Britons are listed as the biggest buyer of items per capita on eBay than any other nation. In recent years, the purchase of items on mobile phones on eBay has soared, and one of the most expensive items currently purchased through mobile devices is the Malibu PA-46-310P aircraft for $ 265,000.
The most expensive item to date that was ever sold on eBay was a 405-foot yacht worth $ 168 million in 2006, purchased by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The auction is technically over at $ 85 million, but that’s only for a down payment, according to the Fort Lauderdale brokerage firm that handles the final breakdown of the sale.

3. Alibaba.com

Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and 17 colleagues. He is an important figure behind Alibaba’s success, even some kind of ‘spiritual’ leader for this company
With an IPO value of approximately USD 25 billion, Alibaba will have a market capitalization of approximately USD 165 billion. That number exceeded Amazon’s market capitalization of about USD 152.4 billion. By overtaking Amazon, Alibaba will become the third largest internet company in the world, behind Google and Facebook.

4. Walmart.com


Based on its earnings, Walmart is the world’s largest public company Fortune Global 500 and Fortune magazine. In the fifth year of Walmart’s establishment, he already earned 250,000 US Dollars. In the 10th year-after expanding its company to 24 stores across Arkansas-Walmart earning 12.6 million US Dollars. Walmart’s total stores reach 10,800 stores in 27 countries with 69 different names and e-commerce websites in 10 countries.


5. Snapdeal.com




Snapdeal currently has 275,000 sellers, 30 million more products and coverage of 6,000 cities and towns across the country Investors in companies including SoftBank Corp., Ru-Net Holdings, Tybourne Capital, PremjiInvest, Alibaba, Temasek Holdings, Bessemer Venture Partners , IndoUS Ventures, Kalaari Capital, Saama Capital, Foxconn Technology Group, Blackrock, eBay, Nexus Ventures, Intel Capital, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, based in Singapore.

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