10 Facts about Donald Trump That May You Didn’t Know

Did you know that the President of the United States of the Republicans is not drinking alcohol? Did you know, he also had won the Razzie trophy as a supporting role in a movie? Check out other interesting facts below:


  1. Not Required to Work

The money legacy of Donald Trump’s father would actually be more profitable if not invested in thousands of businesses, and only kept in the form of mutual funds, and now the value is definitely very much

  1. Bad teenagers

As a teenager, Trump had trouble at his school in Queens. His parents then decided to “punish” by transferring Trump to a military school in New York. From there, Trump attended Fordham University, then moved to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He graduated in 1968.

  1. Not drinking alcohol

Many people do not know it, but Trump does not drink alcohol at all. Maybe it has something to do with the death of his older brother, Fred, who is addicted to alcohol. However, ironically, in 2006 he set up a vodka distillation plant with a product called Trump Vodka.

  1. Never use an ATM

When interviewed Conan O’Brien on the television show Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Donald Trump confessed, had never used an ATM machine.

  1. Eat pizza with a fork and a knife

Not the same as people, Trump simply eats pizza using a knife and fork. The reason, more comfortable and so he was not dirty.

  1. Germaphobia

Trump suffers from a phobia called germaphobia. He is obsessed with cleanliness and fear of germs when in touch with others.This phobia is certainly difficult for a presidential candidate. Because, Trump always avoid to touch with others.

  1. The Game

This toy was released Milton Bradley in 1989 following Trump’s success in the real estate world.On “The Game”, players can try and follow the Trump way of getting rich or losing it all. Unfortunately, this game failed miserably in the market.

  1. Razzie Award

Trump has often appeared as a cameo in many movies. However, his worst role is in the movie Ghosts Can’t Do It.The film won the Razzie trophy as the worst film in 1990 and Trump “won” as the worst male supporting actor.

  1. Walk of Fame

Trump had a star on the 2007 Hollywood Walk of Fame, due to the popularity of his television show, The Apprentice. In July 2016, an unidentified man put up a wall around the Trump star, complete with barbed wire above it and a sticker that read “do not enter” and “stop making stupid people so famous.”

  1. Offered play golf for free for life, for Obama

Trump once offered President Barack Obama to play golf for free for life on one of his golf courses. With the condition, Obama must resign as president.

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